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Cosmology, Astronomy and Light Pollution

I am a physicist who retains a passion for astronomy and science.  Being a physicist isn't a job, or even a career, it is a state of mind. Once you begin to look at the world as a physicist it is hard to avoid looking at anything and wondering how it works. Even my choice of house was dependant on the sky brightness. Although retired I have continued to pursue physics by developing mathematical models of skyglow and by developing astronomical equipment.

This website is a route for communicating that knowledge and passion to anyone else who is interested. 
The light pollution pages show the impact of poorly designed lights on our night sky and how we can model and improve the lights of the future to allow more people access to the stars.
The Cosmology Today pages describe the current understanding of the evolution and eventual
 death of our universe. WorcesterByNight
The observational Cosmology pages show a few of the images of galaxies which are available from the earth.

The universe in 4D allows us to look at the universe in 3 spatial dimensions plus time via mathematical modelling to see how the skies would change if we travelled through the universe.

Lagoon Nebula

Saturn I am available to give talks on any of these topics which everything from inflation theory and anti-matter to the History of Astronomy.

The list of available talks is:
  • Skyglow Modelling
  • Cosmology
  • The Universe in 4D
  • The Renaissance of Astronomy


"Every particle in the universe affects every other particle, however faintly or obliquely. Everything interconnects with everything." -Douglas Adams