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 Astronomical Images


These pages display a series of astronomical photographs I have taken over the last few years both from the Malvern area and from around the world.

My astronomy equipment has been built up over many years and changed much. I built portable equipment for imaging solar eclipses both in Alderney in 1999 and in Libya in 2006. Since then I have used the Astrotrack as the basis of a modular portable self-built mount system for any latitude that will take simultaneously several long focal length lenses. I have been astronomy imaging originally photographic film and slides form the 1960s, then switching to digital cameras in the 00s and then again from Pentax to Canon and making adapters for all my various lenses. I have not included many historical ones here.

I've recently moved house to a dark sky location, and have been extensively renovating it, and using green energy resources which I extensively researched and modelled.

I have also built an observatory which can accommodate largerMy 5 inch Maksutov  Newtonian Telescope on my Balcony telescopes than I previously used. Previously I had to carry out equipment and wait for it cool down and carefully align it for long exposure tracking, while now it is already set up. The dark sky images her are all done with long focal length camera lenses and many for testing my new location before building the observatory.

The images shown here are divided according to the type of object . I particularly like imaging comets of opportunity, lunar and solar eclipses, and when I can with a really dark sky, diffuse and planetary nebulae, and galaxies. Most were taken Maksutov  Newtonian telescope on an HEQ5 Mountwith camera lenses, and a few with a small telescope . The images of planets were taken with a telescope and a web cam selecting the best video frames, and co-positioning them and stacking them to make one image for further processing.
The equipment used can be seen in Photographic Equipment page.

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